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“Creating an Intelligent Business Model Through Intelligent Business Planning”
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The Global NxLevel Strategies Entrepreneur program is a business planning and management entrepreneur training course. Global NxLevel Strategies brings with it the energy and excitement to captivate, motivate and inspire your communities’ entrepreneurs, youth-preneurs, start-ups, existing businesses and career seekers.

Business planning development is critical to start-up and existing businesses. We offer interactive instructor-led entrepreneurial training, which guides in planning, writing and launching your business vision. Guest speakers such as attorneys, bankers, accountants and successful entrepreneurs bring added insights to the course.

Our program is delivered in a collaborative learning environment that encompasses real life case studies, business-to-business networking brought to you by experienced business owners and educators with a wide array of business and career experience.

Global NxLevel Strategies provides comprehensive business development and leadership-training. We have several different program formats available. The curriculum can be tailored to meet your individual and/or group needs. The outcome of the development of a business plan acts as a road map for start-up and future growth. A business plan dissects every aspect of a business. More importantly it teaches the youth how to set realistic goals, predict cash flow, establish a budget and identify their markets.

The GNS Workshops Are Designed for Existing & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Be Your Own Boss!
What Our Students Say

When the idea of having your own business comes to mind, make sure you get all the information you need by taking the Business Planning Course offer by Global Next Strategies. Both speakers and coordinators, Quincy and Mitch, and their Honor Guests speakers are great and make sure you squeeze their brains! It is 100% worth it!

Ana De Abreu

As a fledgling entrepreneur, my thirst for knowledge was quenched in this class.  Your enthusiasm, wealth of experience and passion for excellence make you and Mitch a dynamic duo.  I’ve observed that you genuinely care about each student, and the disciplines learned in this class give us the confidence to achieve our dreams.

Ellen Hayes
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